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Ian and Chantel 101

We often get asked “are you two
married?” The answer to that is “most
definitely YES!” Not only are we partners
in life, we’re also partners in business,
volunteers in the community, parents to
three outstanding and brilliant kids (yes
we’re biased!), and one very special fur
baby in doggy heaven. We’re travel
enthusiasts, real estate investors, foodies,
and avid game night lovers.

So how do we manage to keep a healthy and happy balance, AND stay
married? It’s simple – a lot of practice! Lol. All joking aside, we’re two very
different people. In fact some of our closest friends and family call us polar
opposites. For some reason, this works for us, and our roles in business are
equally different. Case in point – you’ll find Ian on any given day or night almost
anywhere BUT the office. Chantel swears he’s allergic! You see, he’s our social
butterfly, the networker, the negotiator, the risk-taker, and the “try new things”
kinda guy. He’s our first point of contact with our clients, and his face is the
one you typically see during listings and showings. Chantel on the other hand,
takes care of the entire behind the scenes action in their day-to-day business
operations. She manages the marketing details and our client concierge. She’s
the “yin” to Ian’s “yang,” or Ian’s “lobster” as Phoebe on Friends would say. She’s
the one in the office day and night making sure the back end of the business
runs smoothly and effortlessly. In fact, if there were an Olympic event for office
organization and paperwork, Chantel would definitely medal.

Matchmaking 101

Just as life was such a great matchmaker for us, we see a chance to
become matchmakers for our beloved Tri-Area community. We live and
breathe real estate. Not because it’s a job, but because we love it, and because
our clients have entrusted us to walk alongside them on their journey as they
begin a new chapter in their lives. We treat them like family. As such, many of
our clients have become some of our closest friends.


When people ask us how we continue to remain some of the most
successful agents in the region, the answer is simple: we know our roles – in
real estate and in life. Chantel doesn’t try to be more like Ian, and Ian doesn’t
try to be more like Chantel. You see we’ve grown to know what the other
person is thinking and how they’re going to react. We never question it, we just
know. Call us crazy, but we’re like two pieces that make up a puzzle – the ebb
and flow of our partnership is what makes us so successful. When it comes to
our clients, not much is different. We listen and offer advice. We’re sounding
boards when our clients need to vent, and we’re their biggest cheering squads
when deals go through. We strive to do better, and BE better, because being
“good enough” isn’t good enough for us or for our clients.

Memories Worth Living

So here we are, nearly 20 years of combined real estate experience later.
Chantel still manages to keep Ian’s vivacious spirit in check, while Ian encourages Chantel to be more adventurous and take greater risks. We can honestly say that our vast differences have helped us to reflect on our values and roles as leaders within our business and community. It has also enabled us to lay the groundwork for our business model as we continue to move forward in our real estate careers.
This said, our vision is clear:

Our Love for this Community
The Strength of our Experience
Will leave you with
Memories Worth Living

  • "SOLD! What a great team! I am so pleased to have teamed up with Chantel and Ian. It's no wonder so many people are recommending them. I do too! Very helpful and professional and they both were with me every step of the way with the sale of my home! Thanks!”

    - Wayne B.
  • "We would recommend Ian and Chantel to anyone looking to buy or sell a house! Thank you for helping us find our beautiful new home!”

    - Jody & Sylvia S.
  • "Awesome Realtors! Found my son & I the best home at an incredible location within my single mom budget! Can't believe how hard working these guys are and super nice!!”

    - Megan S.
  • "We would recommend Ian and Chantel to anyone! By far this was the most stress-free selling process we have experienced!”

    - Jamie & Emily C.
  • "There are absolutely no words. Thank you. For being amazing agents, and even more importantly, supportive friends. You two are over and beyond what anyone could ever want in realtors!”

    - Jason & Brandy J.
  • "As first-time home owners we were very nervous about our first home buying experience. Ian was very easy to deal with and made us comfortable right away. At the same time he was very professional and worked hard to find the right home for us.”

    - Kyle L.

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