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Bedroom or Den? What’s the Big Difference?

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Bedroom or Den? What’s the Big Difference?

March 23, 2019

Ask anyone, and most people will tell you that a room is considered a bedroom if it has a window and a closet. Let us be the first to tell you that in this province that would be…WRONG! The fact of the matter is, that you don’t need either (a closet or window) in order to classify a room, a bedroom. The Alberta Building Code has no official definition of an actual bedroom, however… they do state minimum safety standards that must be followed if a room is intended to be used for sleeping (aka a bedroom). They are:

• An egress window with an unobstructed opening,


• A door leading directly to the outdoors,


• A fully sprinklered suite.

If you notice, there’s no mention of a closet there at all.

And if you’re considering renovating or building a home, you should always be mindful of the placement of smoke & carbon monoxide alarms before making any sleeping arrangements. Of course, if you’re designing a room and your intent is for it to be used as a bedroom, our recommendation would be to add a closet 😊.

As for what constitutes a den, well that one is easy. Basically any small room in your home, whether it has a window or not, closet or not, entry doors or not, could work as a den.

There you have it. So, now that we’ve enlightened you with the difference between a bedroom and a den, how many bedrooms does your home truly have?!?!

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