Buying a house and property in Spruce Grove, Stony Plain & Parkland County Alberta - Ian and Chantel

Looking to buy?

with the choices?

New or used, acreage or city life
– we get it. And we can help.
You can rest assured that we’ll be brutally
honest, maybe even talk you OUT of a home
or two, because let’s face it – you’ve hired us
to look out for your best interests. And that’s
what we’re going to do. We’re not about just
finding you the right house, we’re about
finding you the right home – one where you’ll
create memories worth living.

Our 4 Steps to Finding Your Perfect Home


1. Our First Date

We meet – usually in a coffee shop or our office. This is our chance to get to know you and find out where you’re at in the buying process. Are you a 1st time home buyer? Downsizing from another property? Maybe you’re starting over again and need something new to suit your family? We’ll discuss timelines and pre-approvals. And we’ll review expectations (yours, and ours) to make sure we’re a good fit.


2. Getting to Know You

Getting to Know You – We ask questions – LOTS of them!
We’ll get to know your “wants” vs. “needs” in a home, and we’ll set you
up on an MLS property search so you can start viewing properties online
and selecting favorites right away.


3. Our Second Date (and Third, and Fourth… lol)

Showing time! We’ll go through your entire list of favorites and book a
time to start looking. We may even add a few “surprise” houses to your list
– ones we think might be a good fit. There’s no pressure here – we’ll go on as many dates as needed until you find the right one.


4. Commitment Time

You’ve found the house – it’s offer time! We’ll prepare a market evaluation and give you our thoughts on where we feel the home should be priced. From negotiating the offer and setting the proper terms & conditions, to sending documents off to your lender, arranging for home inspections, and signing off on the deal – we’ve got you covered! Your only job will be to start packing & move in!

Got a few questions?

“We thought you might – it’s only natural.
Check out our FAQ page or reach out and contact us
– we are happy to help.”

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