Our Team - Ian & Chantel

Meet the Team

Ian Kondics

Team Lead | Associate Broker

Ian is the face of “Ian & Chantel” and one of the ones you’ll likely see the most of in your real estate journey.  Our clients automatically fall in love with his infectious sense of humor and his down to earth attitude as he’s one of the easiest guys to have a conversation with.  His years of experience in the oil & gas industry, combined with his many “moves,” make him an invaluable resource to our clients.  He’s lived in Alaska, Texas, and everywhere in between, and truly understands how stressful a move or relocation can be.


Ian prides himself as being a regular guy who genuinely loves helping people.  He’s got an impeccable work ethic, is loyal, & honest to a fault.  Need a plumber?  He’s got a guy.  How about a mason, electrician, or painter?  He’s got people for that too.  When he’s not on the lake fishing, you can catch him jamming out to Neil Diamond while making breakfast on Sundays.  Nope, we’re not kidding – Ian loves Neil Diamond… and Sunday breakfasts. ☺

Chantel Kondics

Managing Director | Associate Broker

Bricks need mortar, kites need strings, and a home needs a good foundation – enter Chantel.  Chantel is the 2nd half of “Ian & Chantel” and an organizational ninja.  No matter how many things are on the go, she can juggle them like a pro.  From organizing, optimizing, analyzing or “spreadsheet-ing” (yes, she’s the queen of spreadsheets), Chantel can be found behind the scenes making sure the team is running smoothly.


Chantel is a teacher by trade and grew up in a French-speaking household attending francophone school for most of her childhood.  Participating in charity events, local business initiatives, & fundraisers are examples of how her passion for the Tri-Area shines through.  She’s been dubbed the “invisible woman” by many of our clients as she’s rarely seen, spending most of her time analyzing & interpreting the market to provide the team & our clients with the most reliable & up-to-date information.  If you’re looking for Chantel, you can find her in her office, surrounded by her stunning collection of indoor plants (she’s got quite the green thumb!).

Clay Kleparchuk


If the words integrity and likeability had a love child, it would be named Clay.  With over a decade of managerial experience in the field of Addictions and Mental Health, and a decade more helping people on the front-lines, Clay has devoted over half his life to helping people with a variety of needs in a multitude of settings.


Whether he’s helping you find your dream home, negotiating a deal on your behalf or devouring a piece of your lemon cake (he LOVES baking), Clay always remains his authentic self no matter what the situation.  Clients and friends alike describe him as a reliable confidant that truly has their back and best interests at heart.  Mix that in with Clay’s interest in classic cars, decorative socks, and barbecuing, and you have a person that is pretty easy to relate to.  Did we mention he’s also Ian & Chantel’s brother-in-law?!  Good luck trying not to like this guy!