Our Team - Ian & Chantel
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Meet the Team

Ian Kondics

Team Lead | Associate Broker

Ian is the face of “Ian and Chantel” and the one you’ll see the most of in your real estate journey. Our clients automatically fall in love with his infectious sense of humor and his down to earth attitude as he’s one of the easiest guys to have a conversation with. His years of experience in the oil & gas industry, combined with his many “moves” (he’s lived in several cities throughout Canada & the US), make him an invaluable resource to our clients. Need a plumber? He’s got a guy. How about a mason? He’s got a guy for that too. When he’s not on the lake fishing, you can catch Ian jamming out to Neil Diamond while making breakfast on Sundays. Nope, we’re not kidding – Ian loves Neil Diamond… and Sunday breakfasts.


Fun fact: Ian was a provincially-ranked badminton player when he was in college. Ping-pong, badminton, tennis – you name it, racket sports are definitely his jam.

Chantel Kondics

Managing Director | Associate Broker

Chantel is the 2 nd half of “Ian & Chantel” and an organizational ninja. No matter how many things are on the go, she can juggle them like a pro. She’s been dubbed the “invisible woman” by many of our clients as she’s rarely seen, spending most of her time handling all of the behind-the-scenes chaos that goes hand-in-hand with running a successful real estate business. Chantel is a teacher by trade and grew up in a French-speaking household attending francophone school for most of her childhood. She’s a true girly-girl at heart, and has a small obsession with indoor plants.


Fun fact: Chantel loves jigsaw puzzles. We mean, loves puzzles! 1000 piece puzzles are a minimum for her, and she typically completes 2-3/month.

Terilynn Atwell


Terilynn is a go-getter and certainly NOT an organizational ninja (she’s more like a high functioning squirrel!). She’s a talker & can’t sit still for more than a few minutes. She’s much happier putting miles in her truck and showing homes to new families than being behind a computer. Her previous experience in sales and administration has only confirmed that working and helping people is her true passion. And building lasting relationships with her clients is more important to her than closing the deal – after all, she considers her clients an extension of her family. Animals and the great outdoors are definitely Terilynn’s happy place. We guarantee the chances of her being outside frolicking in the snow, fishing on a lake, or catching some rays with her hubby Russ and her dog Emma, is more likely than seeing her behind a desk.


Fun Fact: Terilynn has a slight obsession with sunglasses. She tries to maintain an average of 10 pairs, but is always looking for new ones to add to her collection. If you find yourself without, she’ll be sure to have a pair to lend you.

Carl Nieberding

Field Services Coordinator

Have you ever wondered how our signs stay perfectly upright and look so darned good all the time? We’ve got Carl to thank for that. He’s the right guy for the job because he’s got a tool for everything! Chances are, you’ve seen his smiling face at our events, and we’re almost certain he’s chatted with you a time or two.


Fun fact: Carl is charitable at heart having volunteered his time with numerous organizations including Rodeo Magic at the CFR (Canadian Finals Rodeo), and The Festival of Trees to name a few. He also recently took in two new tenants: Shadow & Miss Charlotte – stray cats that were abandoned on his property.

Mariel Kleparchuk

Social Media & Blog Consultant

Mariel is a full-time teacher and loves her side gig with Ian and Chantel. She’s our blogger, social media extraordinaire, and the brains behind our WTF Fridays and other quirky/fun/bizarre real estate posts. She’s an avid gardener, proud wife, and mom to an inquisitive 6 year old & a Sheepadoodle named Charlie.


Fun fact: Mariel can’t open a bottle of champagne or those Pillsbury cannisters. It’s not for a lack of trying though – that popping sound has her hiding under tables!