Privacy Policy - Ian and Chantel Real Estate Agents

Protecting your privacy is of vital importance to us. Any information we collect through our website is intended strictly for our use (to help us provide you with the information you need), and will not be sold, rented, or released in any manner to any individual, group, corporation, or agency.

Our policy is in place to honor and protect the privacy of our site visitors. Its purpose is to provide you with a detailed outline of the types of data we collect and how we might use that information.

Automatically Collected Information

Similar to other websites, our website gathers general information about our visitors such asthe visitor’s IP (internet protocol) address, the date & time our site is accessed, the sections visited, and the content downloaded. Our site may use cookies in order to make your site experience more operational, and provide you with the information you’re requesting.

Visitor Information Reporting

Site visitor reports are generated to help us understand our visitor demographics & usage patterns. Any personal information regarding real estate transactions is provided to us as a normal course of conducting business.

Your Personal Information

Signing up for services or creating an account (i.e. creating a membership) on our website
requires the voluntary submission of contact information such as your name, email address,
password, phone number, etc. If you choose to use our site for Virtual Office Website (VOW)
access, we will require your name, phone number, email address, and chosen password. This
information will only be available to you (as the user) and the operators of our website.

Use of Personal Information

We (&/or our assistants, &/or associated agents) may use the personal information we collect through our website from time to time to contact & correspond with you regarding your inquiries related to your real estate experience.

Business Transfer Disclosure

In the event that we require assistance from other Licensed Real Estate Professionals in our client-related transactions &/or communications due to illness, absence, or any other reason deemed necessary, those Licensed Professionals will be considered to be one and the same as us, for all purposes related to our privacy policies and protection.