Selling a Home

There's more to selling your home than just putting up a "For Sale" sign.  Choosing the right team to represent you is crucial in ensuring your property sells quickly & for top dollar in today's market.  We're proud to say we've been the Top Team in Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, & Parkland County, brand over brand, since 2014 - no one sells more real estate in this area than our group.  And as a result of our commitment to excellence, the large majority of our transactions come through referrals and past clients.

We know you're going to have questions during this process, and we welcome them all!

Much like buying a property, selling one is a little like dating too.  There's a process, and we'd like to think we've perfected it.

1. Getting to Know You.  And for that matter, getting to know your property.  We ask questions... LOTS of them.  What kind of home do you have?  What upgrades have you done?  What issues have you had?  What do you love about your home?  What do you hate?  Why are you moving?  Where are you going when you sell?  Do you have a mortgage?  If so, what's your payout penalty going to be?  Are you planning on porting your mortgage?  We'll gather all the information we need so that when we meet, we're prepared to present you with our evaluation.

2. Our First Date.  We meet you, and your property.  This is our chance to get a feel for your space, check out the details & finishings in your property, and note any adjustments we may have missed.  We'll go over our market evaluation in detail with you so that you understand the current state of our market, and our thoughts on where we feel your home should be priced.  If you decide you're ready to list, we'll talk about expectations (yours & ours), review our fees, go over our marketing plan, fill out & gather necessary paperwork, and tweak any staging &/or repairs to be completed before our next appointment.

3. Our Second Date (and Third, and Fourth... lol).  We bring in our media crew & activate our marketing plan so your home is ready to make a big impression once it hits the market.  We'll have showings & open houses (if you're willing), and we'll chat weekly (yes, weekly!!) about the strategies we've put in place to ensure your home sells quickly in this market.

4. Commitment Time.  A buyer has chosen your property as the one - it's offer time!  From negotiating your offer and setting the proper terms & conditions, to sending off documents to your lender, arranging for inspections & document reviews, and everything in between, we've got you covered here.

Ready to meet?  Do you have more questions?  Want to get in touch?  Fill out the form below to get started, and we'll be in touch with you soon.

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