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Why Showings and Pets Just Don’t Jive

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Why Showings and Pets Just Don’t Jive

May 09, 2019

Lizards, rabbits, birds, cats, snakes, tarantulas (yes, people have these as pets), dogs, etc.   You name it, we’ve seen it.  If you’re a pet owner and thinking of selling your home, you may want to heed the following advice when it comes to the million-dollar question:  What should we do with our pets during showings?


First & foremost, let’s address the allergies situation– most people suffer from them in one way, shape or another, and many are caused by pets.  It’s hard for a Buyer to fall in love with your home when they’re too busy sneezing or dealing with watery eyes, instead of admiring your kitchen or the view.  The best way to combat that, is to vacuum, dust, and mop your floors daily.


Ideally, dogs must go.  We know, we know – your dog is friendly.  Here’s the problem – we’re not selling your dog, we’re selling your house.  And if the dog monopolizes the Buyers’ attention, that’s a problem – our goal is to have the buyer remember your house, not your dog.  Additionally, here’s some extra tips when it comes to dog maintenance:

  1. Dog poo left behind in your yard needs to be cleaned up EVERY… SINGLE… DAY. And yes, this applies even in the middle of winter.  In fact, that’s even more visually important than in summer months (picture this: white snow mixed with brown spots… we’ll leave it at that).  Backyards are a key-selling feature of a home, and if a prospective buyer sees nothing but landmines in your backyard, that’s sure to leave a bad impression (and smell).
  2. Paw prints – Mop those up! Vacuuming your floors isn’t good enough here – you want to erase the steps that Fido has left behind… literally.
  3. Launder the dog beds. Just like you wash your clothes & bedding, you need to wash the beds & mats occupied by your dog.


Cats should also go.  They jump, they roam, they hide, and if they’re looking for an escape to the outdoors, they can be very quick and very sneaky.  If you can’t take them with you, then put them in an area where they won’t be able to get out by a Buyer (i.e. basement, furnace room, etc).  Oh, and that litter box?  We recommend you change it daily as well.


Snakes, reptiles, and all the other critters – hide, hide, hide!  Typically, these animals are kept in a cage or aquarium and aren’t roaming free like cats or dogs.  That said, they do pose another interesting dilemma – one of potential fear for the Buyer &/or their REALTOR.  We recommend you put these in the basement or in an area of your home less frequented during showings.


What are we getting at here?  Just because you’re a dog lover, snake lover, or cat lover, it doesn’t mean a prospective Buyer shares your love.  Remember, we’re selling your house, not your home.  The less distractions we encounter here, the better off you’ll be in securing a successful sale.

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