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Why Spruce Grove is Our TOP PICK of Where to Live

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Why Spruce Grove is Our TOP PICK of Where to Live

February 28, 2019

Spruce Grove has been our home for over 15 years now and to be completely honest, we couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

Here are some of our favourite reasons why Spruce Grove tops our list:

1. It’s a family community. Spruce Grove has become the mecca for young families with the largest population according to the recent City census being between the ages of 30-39 and 5-9 years old respectively. There’s access to one (if not two) playgrounds in EVERY subdivision, and new schools are popping up almost regularly (there are a total of 13 schools in Spruce Grove at the moment). You’re sure to catch families in Central Park for the annual Christmas tree light-up, or soaking up the rays at the spray park in the summer.

2. The trail system. Winding through the heart of the community, the Heritage Grove Park Trail System offers residents 40 kilometers of beautiful & lush, nature-filled forested trails that can be taken in throughout the entire year. The trail system can be accessed by nearly every subdivision in Spruce Grove making it a unique and one-of-a-kind asset to our growing community.

3. Jubilee Park – what’s not to love?! Located on the east side of Spruce Grove, this sprawling 65-acre park is unlike any other “park” we’ve seen in the region. From the nine-hole disc golf course, massive spray park (with public changerooms and washrooms), playground, numerous firepits for family barbecues, to the Canada Day festival in the summer and outdoor skating in the winter, this is a beautiful park with a massive green space that can make even the keenest of outdoor enthusiasts’ satisfied.

4. Recreational facilities!! Spruce Grove has some of the best recreational facilities around. We’re talking the Tri-Leisure Centre, Fuhr Sports Park, the Agrena, Border Paving Athletic Centre, Outdoor Skate Park, and the Links Golf Course just to name a few. This city has taken pride in providing its residents with a sense of community, belonging, and range of amenities families would typically see in a larger city.

5. The quick commute! We often get asked: “We like Spruce Grove, but the commute must be horrendous to get into the city right? It’s so far!” Guess again! Many residents brag about how they can get to work in Edmonton FASTER than their co-workers who already live in Edmonton. Spruce Grove’s proximity to both Highways 16 and 16A, make the drive into Edmonton convenient. Less time on the road means you’ll be able to spend more of it enjoying some of the local activities.

Spruce Grove offers a lifestyle like no other. Its ease of living, family-oriented small community feel with big city amenities is something you just can’t pass up. If you’re looking for houses for sale in Spruce Grove, give us a call. We’d love to help you make memories worth living right here in Spruce Grove! 😊

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