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Winterizing Your Home

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Winterizing Your Home

October 21, 2019

Fall is officially the time to prepare for winter. And we don’t mean getting ready for Christmas – we’re talking about winterizing your home.  Here’s our recommended list of items you should take the time to do before the snow hits the ground.

1) Clean Your Gutters

Get those leave and “junk/gunk” out of your gutters while it’s still relatively warm outside, so that once spring time hits, the run off from the melted snow can make its way through your gutters without creating any ice dams.

2) Turn Off Outdoor Taps

The last thing you want, are your water lines freezing and splitting from not having been properly drained. Guaranteed, you’ll have a giant mess on your hands, so take the time to turn off the water supply to your outdoor hoses on a warmer day and let the hoses drain completely.

3) Change Your Furnace Filter

We can’t emphasize how important this item is.  If you think of it, we spend at least 6 months of the year with our furnaces running, making your furnaces busy busy busy!  Servicing your unit every year is ideal, but if you know your furnace is running well, then make sure to change the air filter on the unit before it gets too cold.  Another tip – make sure your furnace vents around your home are flowing well and are unobstructed.

4) Winterize Your Air Conditioner

Not everyone has an air-conditioning unit, but for those of you who do, make sure that it too, gets winterized.  Clear off any debris or leaves that may have snuck into the grates of the unit, and cover it with a waterproof breathable cover.  If you’ve got a window air-conditioning unit, then the entire unit itself should be removed.  They’re tough to seal, so if it’s left in the window, chances are you’ll be dealing with cold drafts through the winter months.

5) Put Up Your Christmas Lights

We know – fall’s just arrived.  But nobody wants to be “that guy” that puts up their Christmas lights in the dead of winter.  We’ve been there.  In fact, if you ask our neighbors, we were their entertainment for an afternoon, lol.  Learn from our mistakes and put up your Christmas lights while the weather is still tolerable.

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